Solana's Leading RPC Nodes

Unparalleled performance, reliability, and domain expertise with Solana's leading RPC Infrastructure. Unlike other providers, we exclusively support Solana and have laser-focus on providing you with the best possible RPC experience.

Engineered for growth

Add Magic to Your Apps

Our RPCs are designed to give you the lowest latencies and the fastest speeds in the ecosystem. We have the highest transaction-sending success rates out of any RPC provider.

Never Worry About Reliability

Due to our advanced failover systems and extra redundancy, we are constantly at the top of all RPC providers regarding uptime guarantees. We have powered the largest events in Solana history with ease.

Get The Most out of Solana

Unlike other providers, we exclusively focus on Solana. This means we have the knowledge, resources, and mission to help you get the best out of Solana, whether debugging network issues or proactively suggesting performance improvements.

Leverage the full power of Solana.

Global Coverage

Our infrastructure is globally distributed all over the world with multiple failover and redundancies to ensure you never miss a trade.

Lowest Latency Sends

We are up to 5x faster than other RPC providers when it comes to transaction confirmation times due to our cutting-edge transaction forwarders and staked connection networks.

Generous Rate Limits

Never have to worry about your applications getting limited as you grow.

Solana Experts

We power the best of the best — ranging from Jupiter and Drift to Zeta Markets and Orca. We've seen it all and will help you optimize your systems for the best possible outcome.

Best-in-class Pricing

Hardware businesses are tough on the margins. With Helius, that's one less thing you need to worry about.

24/7 Support

As your project evolves, so will your needs. When that happens, we'll be here to help.

Do I Need A Dedicated Node?

We offer both shared and dedicated RPC nodes. Talk to our experts to see which is best suited for your needs.

Reasons to choose shared

Opting for shared RPC nodes combines efficiency with cost-effectiveness, ideal for projects seeking to utilize Solana's blockchain with scalable, globally consistent performance at a lower entry cost.
Unlimited scale
Global coverage
Low starting cost

Reasons to choose dedicated

Dedicated RPC nodes offer exclusive resources and security, ideal for high-demand projects on Solana, ensuring peak performance and customization.
Run Intensive RPC Methods like getProgramAccounts
Geolocated servers for optimal server to server communication
Geyser plugins

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