Solana Webhooks, WebSockets & Data Streaming

Listen to on-chain events and stream them to your applications in real time with added fault-tolerance and low latencies.

Engineered to save you time

Real-Time Data.

Listen for specific on-chain events on Solana, such as transactions, sales, or swaps. This enables seamless integration of real-time blockchain data into your applications, improving responsiveness and user engagement.

Easy Integration.

Designed for straightforward integration, enabling you to quickly tap into Solana's blockchain events. With minimal setup, you can start receiving real-time data, enhancing your applications without the complexity.

Cost-Effective and Scalable.

Deliver real-time blockchain data efficiently without the financial burden of setting up and maintaining extensive infrastructure, cutting down your costs and effortlessly scaling with your project's needs.


Account Webhooks

You can listen to up to 100,000 accounts in a single webhook and stream their account changes to your endpoints.

Program Webhooks

Stream data from all the accounts that your programs own. No more getProgramAccounts calls.

Transactions Webhooks

Listen for on-chain events — in either parsed or raw format — and react to them in real time.

Event Detection

Pick from a variety of events like NFT sales, listings, DeFi swaps, and more to get alerts that actually matter to your project. It's about getting the info you need, without the noise.

Solana WebSockets

Keep your app in sync with Solana in real-time. Perfect for chat apps, games, and trading, WebSockets maintain a live link for immediate data flow.

Enhanced WebSockets

In addition to supporting Solana's WebSockets, we build Geyser-enhanced WebSockets. These WebSockets boast faster response speeds when compared to the standard RPC WebSocket methods.

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