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Solana is built for performance. You need an infrastructure provider that specializes in Solana to help you leverage it fully.

Gain a competitive edge.

Build DeFi systems that offer peak performance and world-class user experiences to keep your traders thrilled.

Highest Uptime in Industry

Our infrastructure is globally distributed all over the world with multiple failover and redundancies to ensure you never miss a trade.

Lowest Latency Sends

We are up to 5x faster than other RPC providers when it comes to transaction confirmation times due to our cutting-edge transaction forwarders and staked connection networks.

Solana experts.

We power the best of the best — ranging from Jupiter and Drift to Zeta Markets and Orca. We've seen it all and will help you optimize your systems for the best possible outcome.

“Helius is building the crucial infrastructure required for apps to support mainstream adoption on next generation blockchains like Solana. Having personally built our own in-house indexing and data pipelines at Zeta, I know how much of a headache it is for new teams. Being able to save countless hours of data engineering work and costly AWS bills is a big advantage for us.

Richard Wu
Tristan Frizza
Founder / CEO - Zeta Markets

Everything you need for world-class DeFi.

Dedicated Infrastructure

We have nodes all over the world and can provide you with dedicated RPCs, geyser plugins, or MEV infrastructure instantly.

Transaction Forwarding Network

Land up to 4-5x more transactions when compared to other providers.

Geyser Websockets

Stream account and transaction data faster than traditional RPC methods.

Global Edge Computing

Provide a superior experience to your users no matter where they are

Generous Rate Limits

Ensure your apps run smoothly even during burst events with our generous rate limits.

24/7 Support

As your project evolves, so will your needs. When that happens, we'll be here to help.

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