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Solana has an immense amount of raw data. We've done the legwork of parsing all of this data, indexing it, and making it available through easy-to-use APIs to take your apps to the next level in seconds.

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A complete API suite, engineered to save you time.

Our mission is to help you excel with everything you build.

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Unparalleled Support

We pride ourselves on providing the best developer experience in the industry. With our Solana-exclusive focus, we've seen a wide range of problems, integrations and can help unblock any problem that you face.

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Parsed Transaction Histories

Solana transactions are cryptic. We've added over 100 parsers to extract and interpret what they mean — instead of random hashes of strings, gain context into what's going on.

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We've indexed every single NFT transaction on Solana since genesis and have exposed it for you to query through time ranges, collections, transaction types, and marketplaces.

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Digital Asset Standard Indexer

We actively contribute to Solana's Compression and Digital Asset Infrastructure spec and can help you with any integration.

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Token Metadata APIs

Get quick, cached versions of Solana tokens (fungible and non-fungible) with our APIs.

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Indexed Mintlists

NFT collections are painful to work with on Solana due to fragmented standards. At Helius, we've indexed all mintlists so you can retrieve them at lightspeed.

Human-readable transactions

Understand Solana Transactions

The Solana blockchain made human-readable.

100+ Transaction Types Parsed

DAO Votes, NFT Sales, Jupiter Swaps and many more types parsed.

70+ Protocols Parsed

Jupiter, Magic Eden, Solana Core and many more core protocols being added regularly.

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